Handle it with KARE.

You already know that Carcia and I love, and I mean LOVE fashion. We also have a deep love for interior design. KARE Canada is on our list as one of our favourite interior design stores, the store itself is beautiful and the selection they carry is top-notch but I’ll get into that later.

Think about your living space, your sanctuary, your home. It’s the one place you can go to when you want to be alone or be with your family, pet, roommate/friends etc. It’s the place where you can create your own world.

For the past 2 1/2 years, we’ve all been confined to our homes and forced to turn our living spaces into so many different things. We had to put in offices or if you already had a home office you had to upgrade it. We had to turn our homes into a classroom, a gym, a personal nightclub… basically anything you used to occupy outside was now in your home.

Fast forward to the present day; although the world is in a better place now (no lockdowns or anything) we’ve all become so used to having our home become our…well…everything, that we want to keep it looking fresh and up to date. I know Carcia and I are very grateful for our home and made many changes to make it more “work-from-home” friendly and still be a place of rest.

With all that said, furniture and interior design stores have been gaining more and more momentum which is great because you as the consumer can have so many choices when it comes to designing your home.

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to be invited to the new store opening of KARE in Toronto’s GTA of Oakville. They have two more locations in Canada over in Vancouver.  The event was terrific. It was a packed house with excitement to see the latest and greatest from the brand and let me tell you, it was awesome.

From Modern wood to industrial loft styles, they got you covered. As I mentioned before, as you go into the store you feel like your in different parts of the world.

  • Transitional Interior Design.
  • Traditional Interior Design.
  • Modern Interior Design.
  • Eclectic Interior Design.
  • Contemporary Interior Design.
  • Minimalist Interior Design.
  • Mid Century Modern Interior Design.
  • Bohemian Interior Design.

The list goes on which is great because you’re bound to find the perfect style for your home.

Kare kare Kare

Check out the website for KARE, click around on the Inspiration page and check out our tik-tok to see how the party went.

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