Foret Cabins

Foret Cabin. A solar-powered cabin nestled in Muskoka, Ontario Canada

If you are subscribed to our YouTube channel, you need to get on that and subscribe, firstly, but secondly, you will notice we have shared our experience staying in Muskoka with Foret Cabin, a solar-powered cabin, located in Baysville, surrounded by sky and trees.

The cabin has no television mounted on the wall, and no radio or Bose speakers. Truly this solar-powered cabin is meant for you to connect to yourself and those that are close to and around you. Staying at this cabin taught me a few things and I thought, why not share it with you? If you want to see the cabin tour, hear more about our experience at Foret Cabin, see the video here.

Here is a little list of what I learned. These new pieces of information made our stay even MORE rich and magical!

You can learn a lot of new things about old friends.

Telly and I had two additional friends with us at the solar-powered cabin and we spent long nights talking about everything from relationships, current jobs, goals and plans. To be honest, even though we’ve known these ladies for well over 10 years, we learned so much about their real, unfiltered thoughts. It was worth the drive to Muskoka to get to know our friends on such a deeper level.

Slowing down creates space! Especially mental space.

Content creators live in their heads. A lot. Everything around a content creator stirs up new thoughts and ideas, which is awesome, but it can keep you floating through ideas, never grounding and creating true peace, mentally. When we slowed down, I found myself making real notes of full, fleshed-out thoughts and ideas. I believe this happened because devices weren’t out and blaring in my face 24/7. At night especially, it was super quiet making it easy to create in my mind. That’s the space we all need!

Change is such a good thing.

We were excited to drive out to the middle of nowhere, but we were also nervous about keeping the cabin warm, we were nervous about loosing power, we were nervous about seeing bears! (Oh my….), but that was good for us. Our senses heightened, we had to think logically, we had to figure things out and it was all new to us. Too often do we stunt our own growth because we are afraid to try something new, and make mistakes. Be nervous, be scared and then do it anyway! Growth awaits you on the other side.

Do you feel inspired to travel in a new and different way? Check out solar powered Foret Cabin and let us know how your stay went! See more on our Instagram accounts! @carciahercastle @tellyhercastle @hercastlegirls.

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