The Hercastlegirls love to share content about Fashion, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, and Self-care. They are Youtube creators and podcasters.

Siblings posing in their casual fashion looks


Carcia and Telly are The HerCastleGirls. They were born and raised in Toronto, Canada. They grew up in a home where art, music, and fashion were always promoted and accepted. Watching Fashion Television and music videos, the girls always dreamed of sitting in the front row like the fashionable people they saw on TV. Telly attended and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at George Brown College, while Carcia studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Humber College.

Both women took on very corporate jobs and found peace in sharing images of street fashion with each other through email. Starting a blog, ItsMusicFashionLife.com, as a fashion diary, the girls soon realized people were reading their blog! Fast forward and Carcia and Telly were invited to and attended numerous shows, presentations, Concerts, and Events and began to partner with brands in retail, beauty, and skincare.

After a decade of social media and running HerCastleGirls.com, the ladies began taking their mental health and self-care into consideration and pulled back on creating Fashion content to go through a mindset healing process to re-center and find purpose in what they wanted to do & share.

Now, Carcia and Telly are back to creating content, not only for their new blog, BrightMindsetProject By HerCastleGirls, but for their YouTube Channel, their podcast, It’s All Connected By HerCastleGirls, and pop culture IGTV show, Not Your Typical Girl Talk (broadcast on Internet radio by Radio Regent, syndicated by iHeartRadio). The shows and YouTube channels are becoming very popular for their authentic energy and unpredictable chatter.

HerCastleGirls are advocates for Physical & Mental Health, Self-Care, Self-Love, Alopecia, and the dismantlement of society’s beauty standards. To work with them, simply use the Contact page here. To listen to the podcast, It’s All Connected By HerCastleGirls, click here for Spotify, here for Apple, or here for other streaming platforms.

Not Your Typical Girl Talk tackles topics from self-care and love to wealth management and microaggression within their community. The girls, along with their additional host and friend will make you rethink life and the world around you while making you laugh your ass off.