4 Questions To Ask Before Making a Decision | Intentional Living (Video)

Intentional Living, that’s how all of us should want to live. Knowing that what we have in our lives was brought in because we took the proper steps to question what is needed in our lives or who is needed, and what needs to be changed.

It doesn’t matter how old you are to begin and start looking inward at yourself, as long as you start. When you start to question things and really take an assessment of what the situation looks like, and how it will impact your present and your future, you’ll see that having the power of choice is extremely important and asking yourself questions should be exercised, especially with big decisions or situations that involve more than just you. We’ve all been that person who knows that making a certain choice won’t go well for us but, we do it anyway and then suffers the consequences. Now, of course, we have to learn from our mistakes because believe us when we say this: Life will test you again with the same decision, and we will have to go through it whether we like it or not.

So how does one begin, and how do you start living with intention? We’re glad you asked.

Inspired by an Instagram post from the late Bob Proctor, we talk about the questions that speak to your intuition to help you make the best-aligned decisions.

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