An Argument of Feelings.

FeelingsI read a quote a few days ago that really struck a chord with me. It said, “A conversation about how you feel isn’t supposed to end up in an argument”. I was a bit taken aback. My first initial thought was, “Why would someone get into a confrontation with another over their own personal feelings?” Then I was quickly reminded of how sadly, personal feelings are normally what start arguments.

Feelings are valid and should not be used as a weapon against someone. Just because you can’t understand why a person feels the way they do doesn’t mean you should be argumentative with them. On the flip side, because we feel that everyone should be the same, we react when an individual doesn’t understand why someone feels the way they do and instead of being supportive and listening, we, without a thought, react in frustration because we can’t understand why someone doesn’t feel the same way we do.

Listen to understand what they’re going through and even if you can’t understand it, be a support system for them. One day, you’ll want to have the same respect.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

So many factors are put into play as to why people fight over someone’s feelings. Remember, we were all brought up differently, we all fight different battles, we are all sensitive to different things, we all have different triggers…. basically, no two people are the same. With that said, it’s time to stop being so closed-minded thinking that we are all the same. It’s time to be a little more sensitive to other people’s emotions and respect them.

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