Be Intentional and Avoid Distractions

Being intentional and avoiding distractions can be difficult but you know what’s even worse? knowing that you could have had your dream life if you weren’t so distracted all the time.

In a world full of so many pop-up screens, TikTok dances and countless other things, it’s not easy to stay focused on the end goal. It seems like every day we’re bombarded with more and more distractions which are keeping us away from building our life, going outside, taking care of ourselves, eating proper food… you can’t even sleep without your phone blaring to let you know that your favourite store is having a massive sale.

Well, what would it be like to be focused long enough to read that book (without posting a photo of you reading the book on social media) actually talk with people in real-time and form real relationships, spending your money on things to better yourself whether it be education or equipment for your business, getting your business off the ground and start building a clientele? Sounds great to us.

With so much going on we felt moved to base this week’s podcast on this very popular problem, the dreaded word: Distractions.

Focus and stop being distracted. Inspired by @myrongolden on Instagram, we discuss the obstacle that stops you from committing to the goals you set. Want to make more money? Want to see yourself reach your fullest potential? Listen up! This is a portion of our podcast episode, It’s All Connected By HerCastleGirls, so listen to this episode here-

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