It’s not the easiest thing to forgive, we know.

It takes a lot to look at the person who betrayed you, who hurt you and tell them ‘I forgive you.’ Most times we don’t want to forgive because we want that person to know that they hurt us and that they have to pay the price of knowing that what they did was wrong. Yes, what they did was wrong… but in order for you to be free of what they did to you, you might want to try and forgive them.

It’s easier said than done, it’s true, but knowing that the burden can be lifted, you can get your life back on track, doesn’t that seem worth it to forgive? Forgiveness isn’t for the person who hurt you, no. It’s for you. It’s you assessing the problem and realizing that the way to be free and rid of this person/situation is to forgive and move on.

Why is it important to forgive? How do you forgive when you didn’t get an apology? We discuss the challenging but self-loving process of forgiveness and why it is a step you take for yourself and not others.

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