Honour Yourself & The Universe will Follow (PodCast)

Honouring yourself is not just a “self-love” trend. It should be taken seriously.

So often we put ourselves aside, sweep our feelings under the rug, and hide our true selves because we want to be accepted by people who don’t care for us. The only thing that person cares for is what they can get from you. People pleasing is getting worse and worse by the minute and it’s high time we stop and start to honour ourselves. Why? Because at the end of the day, you must put yourself first.

Honouring yourself means just that, caring for you, loving you, healing yourself, and doing all the positive things necessary to keep yourself in a high vibe.¬† The universe works off of what you keep accepting. So… if you allow people to step on you, and treat you badly, it will keep placing you in front of people who will do just that. In order to change that outcome, start putting yourself first. Put yourself first and live in gratitude, you’ll be surprised at how fast the universe changes things around for you.

We live in a time where putting yourself first means your selfish… Then so be it. For us, no matter what, we have to put ourselves first, life is so much more fulfilling when your mind is no longer under the chains of stress and worry.

See why, spiritually, Honouring yourself can open a channel to communicate and flow easily with the universe. We talk about the journey one can experience strengthening this connection. By strengthening your connection with the divine source (The Universe) every day gets better. We encourage you to listen and enjoy.

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Honour Yourself


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