Positive Affirmation To Heal The Soul | Video

Affirmations are such an important tool for the mind, body and spirit. In the times that we’re living in, we can all use some kind of encouragement.

The human experience is filled with ups and downs. We reframe, and we constantly do our best to heal, but sometimes we lose faith. We pull cards to heal and encourage, allowing our higher selves to speak to us, then we pull cards for our followers so that everyone can leave this recording with higher wisdom.

We know that affirmations are sometimes thought of to be ‘corny’ or ‘cliche to some but to us, and many others, they can really help to lift you up and give you a sense of hope, peace and calmness. You can write your own, which is great because who knows you better than you? We have a video on how to write your own affirmation cards right here. You can purchase a deck of affirmation cards, you can have hard copies or digital copies to have on all your devices (thank you technology)

We have our own deck of cards, ‘Your Bright Mind’, sold right here, feel free to check them out and to listen to the entire conversation you can listen to our podcast wherever you stream your podcasts!

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