Shein: Top of The Fashion Hill…

Founded in 2008, SHEIN has been crowned the most Googled clothing brand in 113 countries around the world.

Shein isn’t the only fast fashion store to come under fire for its oddities. All these fast fashion stores have something or numerous things that leave us questioning their morals. The conditions that the seamstresses work under, the types of chemicals being used to make the fabrics…Yes, they all have a lot in common but no matter how bad it got all these shops kept afloat and Shein basically blew everyone out of the water to be the number one place for your fashion/accessory needs.

In 2020, Shein made $10 Billion USD in revenue, regardless of the controversies that surround the e-commerce fashion brand. Why is it still popular, even after the countless accusations of lead in their clothing, poor workmanship, melting shoes, etc?

We talk about it. Here’s a hint – it’s about the world around us.

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The HerCastle girls.