Sibling Rivalry?

As siblings who live & work together, many friends, even our folks, are shocked at how well we get along. The thing is, it wasn’t always this way. We lived in the same house but we were worlds apart from each other.

Believe us when we say that the friendship we have now took a lot of work, a lot of fights and a lot of forgiveness. There are so many levels when it comes to sibling relationships. We know a lot of siblings who don’t get along for whatever reason, and we know a few that genuinely (like ourselves) did the work and found a great balance to be friends. The friendship that we have with each other is so good that we ourselves forget we’re sisters. But like we said, it wasn’t always this way. You have to get through the mess before you can get to peace and calmness.

Every sibling relationship is different, and they all work in different ways but we hope that our take on how our sibling relationship works, helps you and gives you some insight. Maybe some techniques that we practice may be beneficial to you and your siblings.

If you value anything It’s always worth putting the work in, we realized that we both compliment each other so well so it was worth putting in the work. It is rare but with effort, siblings can get along… for the most part LOL.

Find out how we both went through healing processes to blend our lives together when before that, we barely knew each other.

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