Wanna Win In the Creator Space?

So you wanna win in the creator space, you want to be a content creator.

As simple as the term “Creator” is, not that simple at all. Finding inspiration and turning it into something that relates to your brand and your audience can be a challenge. We know this because we’ve been doing this for over 10 years.

For a while, we had to take a step back because we felt burnout…then covid happened and during the lockdown we found new inspiration to continue with our content creation and haven’t missed a beat. Even when we slowed down we were still making content, not as vigorously as our early days but because we naturally loved creating content we kept going till we felt ready to get back into the game full time.

With that said, being a content creator is not for everyone. Many people begin thinking that it’s a walk in the park only to learn that it’s not as easy as it looks. It takes special people to be content creators, you really have to love it. Carcia and I? We love it. Like I said before we started our blog on Tumblr (remember Tumblr?…No?…Your’re too young, that’s okay) back in 2010. If we didn’t love creating, we would have given it up a long time ago.

Seeing that we have a lot of experience on how to stay in the game and stay inspired we felt like we should share this with all of you so you too can stay in the game, not get discouraged or abandon the ship.

Being a content creator is not for the faint at heart! It takes a few characteristics to grow into a creative content creator and we discuss this, sharing tips that will help you stay in the game and grow even when things get frustrating.

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Stay Bright,

The HerCastle Girls.