A higher Self, Are You Ready?

A higher Self

Getting to your higher self takes work and it’s a task that everyone should fully invest in. There are rules set in place to become a higher version of you. It takes time… and it’s an everyday practice.

Speaking for myself, so far so good! I’m married to making myself better and better each day. I only have one competitor and that competitor is me. That’s the kind of mindset that we all need to attain. We spend so much time competing with people only to forget that we only need to compete with who we were yesterday. Everyone in this life for different reasons, there are 7.1 billion (and counting), humans, on this planet… even if someone is doing the same thing as you… it’s still different because two people are not the same.

Another aspect I’m practicing and finding very effective is making sure that every minute of every day I am cleansing my life and removing anything (and anyone) that no longer serves me, disrupts my growth as a human, makes me question my worth, no, I’m not putting up with that. Been there, done that moved on. Why on earth are you allowing people (especially people you don’t even know) to play with your emotions? If you are on social media and someone is constantly posting things that don’t align with you, it’s time to unfollow, unsubscribe, good night. Online and IRL. You are evolving and it’s going to be difficult to do that if you have people in your life and on your social media who trigger you.

It’s critical that I protect my peace and persevere my energy and continue to shine my light so that I can be useful to others.  You need to be the same, you need your energy and peace for yourself. Yes I know it sounds selfish but it’s the truth. Becoming a higher version of yourself is crucial and it all depends on how game you are to reach your highest potential. When you start living in your higher self your soul is more connected to your divine source, you care for your temple aka your body, you watch what you eat (you don’t want everything and anything inside your body) you want things that nourish you and help to extend your life expectancy, you listen to things that enlighten you, do activities that help you to stay sharp in the mind I can go on and on and on, but you get the drift.

I see nothing but a win-win here although I know a lot of people would not be game to live a life like this. It’s crazy that some humans are so used to staying at the same level, that they’re happy not challenging themselves. That’s why you’ll see a lot of people starting to distance themselves from you. They’ll say “you’ve changed” and they’re right. You have changed, you changed for your own good. If people are meant to stay in your life they will stay and if not, wish them well and continue moving to your higher self cause when you get to the first level, there’s another level to get to. I stated earlier that no two people are the same and it’s a fact, you want to evolve and sadly you may be the only one who wants to evolve in your crew leaving you with a choice. Are you going to live for others or live for yourself?

Like the title of this blog post… A higher Self, Are You Ready?

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