Be kind to your mind.

Kind to your mindMake sure to be kind to your mind. You are the only one who knows what’s going on in there… well, you and the universe.

With all the happenings of the world, we sometimes lose focus and spiral down a path of panic, worry and anxiety… creating scenarios in our heads that don’t even exist all because we are not protecting our minds. Anything can make someone go off; from the unhealthy food, you’re consuming to the scent of a perfume that triggers a bad memory.

Be conscious and aware of what you think, what you hear & what you say. Protect your mind. It’s easy to forget your mental health because it’s something you don’t see with your eyes; you have to feel it. I got so much to say about mental health and even where your mental health may stem from. I’ve posted a very insightful video from our podcast and youtube channel that I think you will thoroughly enjoy.

Carcia and I learned about Dr. Amen through a friend and we became very interested in his teachings about the mind. Some of you may have already seen it or maybe your just seeing it for the first time. It really opened our eyes to understand our minds and how far back our mental health goes. You’ll see in this video the quizzes we did and we were mindblown. It was a little too accurate.

Anyway, the better you know your mind, the better you know how to protect it, how to counteract any negativity and how to live in a great way. You also discover a newer and deeper love for yourself. You show more self-compassion and forgive yourself a little bit more.

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