Being True To You.


I was having a conversation with Carcia a few days ago about the importance of showing up as you’re true, authentic self.

We should not be afraid to be ourselves. We need to own it, embrace it, and live every second being proud of who we are. Own good and our not-so-good, even the bad parts of us make us who you are.

Case & point: people may call you cheap just because you’re very careful with how you spend your money. They may say “Hey, why are you always questioning every dime spent? going over a receipt from the dollar store over and over again?” Well, they may call you cheap but what they don’t know is that you are wise with your money and your relationship with cash is great. If they saw your investments and savings account? they would probably start paying attention to how they spend their money. Now, of course, that’s a good problem. Some bad qualities if you have anger issues that’s a totally different story. If you do have anger issues and you’re aware of this and you’re getting help…That’s a boss move and you should be proud of yourself. We’re all a work in progress and we should be proud to be working on ourselves to make us better human beings.

Stop playing games and following trends. Doing that may give you a good feeling but deep down, you know it’s not you and people can see that. I know that we feel that if we play the part like an Oscar winner, we can fool anybody and maybe you can… but even if it takes years, the public will eventually find you out as a fraud. Not the best way to live if you ask me.

Stop playing a role that you know is clearly not yours to play. You’re so unique, there’s no need to hide.

 It’s time to get to the root of the problem so you can live freely and be at peace.

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