Focus… It’s time!


When you’re going to get your eyes checked, your optometrist (or ophthalmologist if you need surgery… but we’re gonna stick with the optometrist for this example) sits you down in that stiff examination chair and then pulls that very odd but useful optometry device in front of your eyes.

They tell you the first important word, “relax”, despite being in an uncomfortable chair and sometimes, depending on the nature of your examination, they put these eye drops in your eyes making you annoyed and then you have this large eye lens contraption right in your face. They turn the office lights off (to eliminate any distractions), they do a number of tests, they change the lenses as they go through a number of tests and ask you if you can see better or worse.

All of a sudden, after your face is tired of squinting, you finally tell them to stop at a specific lense. Everything is clear, you can see perfectly and you can read the eye chart with no hesitation. The lens is helping you to focus on each letter of every word.

Things are pretty blurry when you don’t have focus. You wander everywhere, you give your attention to everything and soon become so frustrated that you give up together. You have to develop tunnel vision. Try to ignore the distractions, look ahead. When you get into an uncomfortable situation, relax, have a moment with this foreign feeling if you must and then get right back to your calm state. Do not stop. Things will get messy, and you will have to change lenses a few times but before you know it, you’ll have a clear picture and see that it’s worth it to stay focused.

You’ll also have a dope pair of glasses!

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