For The Matter Of Change…

Change is always uncomfortable.  Whether good or bad, we have a little bit of uneasiness before accepting the fate that life has thrown at us.

It could be something positive: you got an upgrade at your workplace or you’re moving to a new city. Or it can be something unpleasant: the loss of a loved one or finding out that your credit score is not what it use to be…

Change is something we can’t stop from happening but what we can do is control how we go about accepting it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t go through your feelings, you’re a human, not a robot, and any kind of change will bring about emotions. What I mean is, after learning what new experience you’ll have to face and your body finally calms down, you try to explore it with an open mind.

The reason why we don’t like change is because deep down, we love repetitiveness. We adapt to a specific pattern so much that when there has to be a change-up we freak out, whether good or bad. We are comfortable and who doesn’t like being comfy and cozy in their cacoon?

Change brings growth, it brings stability. Just like any video game, it would be really boring if you were playing on the same level all the time. The whole experience and point of the game is to get to the next level. Going to the next level will bring more challenges that you can master, and more experiences that make the game more fun and more rewarding.

Such is a video game…Such is life.

Photo Courtesy of @HerCastleGirls

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