Have Fun

Just because we’re not in kindergarten anymore doesn’t mean we should lose our sense of play.

With Carcia and I both coming out of corporate worlds, we know that high stress can really take a toll on a person. It can leave you with so much pain, chronic illnesses, etc. Lots of us, instead of walking away from the situation to give our mind even a 15-25 minute break, go full steam ahead to solve an issue, only to be so brain dead and stressed out that we make the problem even worse. It’s time to walk away and give our minds a chance to regroup and recharge.

Life can be so serious and stressful that we lose ourselves and forget that there are so many ways to relieve our stresses with simple gestures. Whenever I feel uneasy or a bit overwhelmed, I know it’s time to get away from my laptop and give my mind, body and spirit some TLC. Carcia and I head outside. We meditate, go to the park, head into town, go to our favourite coffee shop, Meet up with friends, etc. Stepping away from a stressful environment is life-saving and very affordable. You should never EVER try to solve something when you are stressed out. I can lead you you making the wrong call and, well… you already know how it’s going to end. It won’t end well.

I would feel immense JOY when I would peel myself away from my PC at my old place of work and get outdoors for even 15 minutes. It felt like a movie (I know that sounds cheesy but hear me out) feeling the breeze on my face, getting a coffee from the local coffee shop and sitting down to people watch. We are human and naturally, we love to try and solve things as soon as they occur but there is a danger in that. Now obviously if you are a First responder, YES YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT THAT ISSUE ASAP but you’re at your normal job and the copier is not being kind and it refuses to work. You call the technician and they won’t be able to fix it till next week…. You can’t help that.

There are lots of problems that can only be solved with a clear, stable mind which is why it’s so important to keep your mind as steadfast as possible. That means it’s time for some fun. Get moving, like a stated earlier in this post with the following ideas and of course, MY ALL TIME ‘GO TO’ that I do when I’m stressed…. and this can be done at any time or anywhere (as long as your comfortable), DANCE AND MEDITATE! (maybe not at the same time…unless that’s your thing and if it is hey go for it) I have absolutely no shame dancing when the music drops anywhere. Dancing is so freeing, moving your body and igniting your energies to move any discomfort or stress out of the way, it always amazes me how movement can really make you feel so much better. After all, Music is the universal language so it makes sense that it’s able to soothe our souls. Meditation has been saving lives since the day it was created, I don’t think I need to tell you the benefits and rewards it can give you. Both are amazing and I encourage you to practice them.

Freeing yourself from life’s hardships is extremely important and necessary to focus on finding solutions instead of constantly looking at the problem itself. So I encourage you to go to the beach, call up some friends and head to the basketball court, go for that jog, try out that new restaurant, finally sit down with your bowl of popcorn and watch the latest Netflix film. Get your partner and/or kids and have a picnic or build a snowman (depending on where you’re reading this on the planet) My point is…Have Fun. We may not be able to stop issues from arising but we can certainly take some breaks from them and live life, even for a moment…Happily.

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