In the dark, you’re a light!


In the darkest place, you are a light. You have a spark in you that is so bright, it’s blinding.

When we’re faced with situations and problems in life and we see things getting pitch black and dark we start to panic. There is no shame in it. Fear is put in us to protect us but sometimes it becomes so strong that it stops us from trying anything.

Amazing things happen when you put your fear on the shelf and live. You push through the fear, you’re afraid but you do it anyway. A light starts glowing inside of you that can’t be dimmed. That light that’s glowing is your confidence, your determination. It’s building up and it’s removing every inch of darkness.

We’re breaking through the darkness this week and beyond. Even if you don’t seem to be all that confident in the beginning, that’s okay. Just keep going, your light will get brighter and brighter as the days go by.

Do not dull your shine for anyone.

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Stay Bright,

Telly HerCastle.