grow and let go.

When you start to love yourself, your taste in people will change. It’s crazy, you just look at people you use to connect with and say in your mind “wow, we never had…like, nothing in common”. Your levelling up and the people that are comfortable with your personal and spiritual growth will stay. Period. They will see the change in you and start levelling up themselves to match you. It’s supposed to be infectious.

Now, as for the ones who start saying “you’ve changed” or “you are not the same person anymore,” they’re right! You are not the same person anymore. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO CHANGE AND GROW.

Keep going, growing, changing, shining and if anyone has a problem with your glow-up? Let them go… respectfully. Don’t beg them to stay, don’t go back because your BFF from 2nd grade has decided to not go any further with their life. It’s about YOU NOT THEM!

Let go and grow

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