Love is a Two Way Street.

Don’t let someone treat you like garbage just because you love them.  Love is an action word so if they really loved you they would treat you with the highest respect. There’s not much more than that. There’s no way around it, over it, under it. It’s straight-up fact that if someone truly loves you, they’ll treat you like they love you. Even if your partner is mad at you. They’ll still respect and love you, not shame you and make you look and feel like you are less than.

I find that this is happening A LOT and it’s heartbreaking. It’s sad to see how people are putting their own self-worth aside because they don’t want to be alone. You’re showing the universe, your friends, your family, your pet goldfish…(just making sure you’re paying attention) You show that you don’t care how this person treats you. You feel it’s better to be in a bad relationship than to be alone. This is a very dangerous place to be and you have to get out of this mindset, get out of this space as soon as possible, situations like this never end well, it will destroy you.

We put up with crap because we don’t want to be alone and we figure we can’t get any better so we stay in these hurtful situations. Why on God’s earth would you think like that? Do you not know how amazing and unique you are? Do you not realize that your a gem and no one deserves to be treated badly… especially when you’re giving every last drop of yourself.

We must learn to choose ourselves. Believe that there is better for us in life because there is. You may not see it now but trust me, there is better for us. The more we begin to choose ourselves, the more the universe will see it and give us what we deserve; someone who will love and adore you the way you should and you’ll be able to love and support them wholeheartedly instead of in fear. Moving in fear does not make a loving relationship but being able to love freely and happily… you tell me, doesn’t that seem nice? Yeah, I think so too.

Love is a two way Street

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