Manifest…But do the work!

Manifest but do the work

You’ve finally decided to step out of your comfort zone. You know that your dreams are calling and you are ready to leap into the unknown and get the work done. You believe in yourself, your manifesting, your meditating you’re doing it all. There’s just one problem….it’s only been a week and nothing has changed yet.

Calm down, seeds don’t grow into flowers in one week.

Don’t give up so easily just because you didn’t see your end results come to fruition yet. You gotta keep doing the work. Keep believing, even when others don’t understand what your doing and talk about you to others, it doesn’t matter.

You know what you’re capable of, you see the vision. I see my light at the end of the tunnel and that’s what makes me get up every single day and work towards what I want to achieve in this life.  I don’t expect everyone to understand my journey and you shouldn’t expect people to understand yours either.  It’s a mission that you are on, YOU! NOT YOU AND YOUR GRANDMA, YOUR AUNTIE, YOUR BFF FROM 7TH GRADE OR YOUR CO-WORKER….. it’s just you.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s nothing but facts: Belief in yourself, manifest the life you know you deserve, and do the work to get your life. Be an inspiration to others.

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