Stand still

There are so many times when you will have to stand alone. No one will be able to stand or go through the storm with you. Your partner, your family, your best friend, your favourite Aunt and uncle, they can walk you to the door but they can’t go through with you.

Back in my high school days, I would study for my exams and it was a family affair. Everyone in my household would get involved and I was so happy for their support but when the day came for me to take the exam… I couldn’t take my household with me (unfortunately)

That’s when I had to embrace myself. Take trust in me, take trust in God, my divine source, the universe. No one likes going through their personal storms alone… There are some situations in our lives that should not be faced alone but we have to go through them anyway.

What I learned, going through my own trials and tribulations throughout my life (and whatever is to come) is that no matter what storm I faced, I got stronger and better at standing in my storms. God kept giving me more strength… and then a little bit more and when I really thought “Well this is it. I can’t take this anymore” guess what God did? Exactly! Kept on and still does give me the strength that I need to just keep going and I’m also reminded that even though I go through the actual problems alone, I’m not alone, you are not alone. We’re all supported and loved.

Stand still, stand firm. You have to go through the storm but you have people who are cheering for you and giving you all the strength they can give. Find comfort in that.

stand still

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