Staying Stuck in the Story.

Staying stuck in the story. We see it.

Sometimes we stay STUCK in the story for decades. I know I did. I was so buried in the story that I couldn’t move past it and I was missing out on opportunities, I was lacking the emotional intelligence I needed to build strong and meaningful relationships.

In therapy, our first session, after the clarity call, is all about talk therapy. I like to understand where my client comes from. I like to understand their model of the world. Yes, we all look at and move through the world differently. How can I guide you if I don’t see the path you are currently taking?

Based on our conversation, I ask questions and find out how we get you off the path that doesn’t serve you, then we work on how changes can be made, how practices can be improved, and how negative habits can be stopped.

My goal is to move you OUT of the story. I am solution-based and have no interest in keeping you in your current space because I know your higher self wants more of you. I’ll stick around to make sure it happens.

  • All therapists, guides and coaches work differently, but like my experience, I want to see you elevate and go higher.

  • Are you ready to elevate from your current level and commune with your higher self?

The Story

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