Tame Your Ego.

Tame your Ego

When you express and celebrate your uniqueness you expand and tame the ego.

That Ego… It can be pesky. Coming up at the most not called for time to make you look pompous and standoffish.

Opening up yourself can be scary (and your ego doesn’t like being scared or wrong – which is why it enjoys complaining so much), but there is so much good waiting for you on the other side.

The ego will keep you hard, closed in and safe. You won’t want to try new things or get an opinion on something because you don’t want to know that you are wrong or that you need help. The Ego will make you sit there and basically starve because you don’t want to let others know that you’re hungry. God forbid anyone catches you with a cracker or a grape in your hand…whatever will they say?

There is so much power when you let go of the ego and allow your real, vulnerable self to come through. People can see the real you. They see your talents, your kindness. They see you’re easy to work with and to be around, they see that you want to improve no matter how good you happen to be at what you’re doing.

Don’t hide what makes you so unique and one of a kind, embrace who you are and all the joy it brings to you and to others.

Tame your ego

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