The Best Math You can learn…


We have to become good at figuring out the future cost of our current decisions.

The choices we made have already brought us to where we are right now. Every decision we make will continue to affect our future so we must be a little wiser and keep our future selves in mind with every step we take.

Every choice has a consequence, bad or good so take proper steps to make the right choice for you: Pray, meditate, make a pros & cons list, seek out advice from knowledgeable people, etc.

Nothing is wrong with asking for outside help. Especially from people who have already walked the path you are already on. I know we all want to “Live in The Moment” but while we’re living in the moment never forget your path. I can’t stress this enough, your current decisions will either pay you with gold in the future or will pay you with disappointment.

Do the math and take stock of what is really important to you, your future self will thank you!

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