The Best way to live life is…

The best way to enjoy your life is to live it. Explore, learn, experience things… Just Live.

Live unapologetically, live fearlessly, the ones who get off the bench and get in the game have a better chance of making the goal and hey, even if you don’t make the goal, at least we all had fun being in the game. The sheer excitement of getting involved in something new or something that brings you joy every time you revisit it, it’s really nice to know that we have things in our lives that we can try.

Fear can sometimes (I know) stop us from trying or from even thinking of trying. Fear isn’t going anywhere it’s inside of us to stop us from getting hurt but life can be so dull doing the same things over and over again and not trying something new. Always be up for a challenge! Not to go against anyone in particular but more so for yourself.

Challenge yourself to be better and better every day. Take a bite of the cake, (don’t worry about the calories, you can work it off later), go out dancing, learn a new language, build a new running shoe… yea why not? Nike and Adidas didn’t just pop up out of nowhere. Nike was created by a track athlete and his coach back in 1964 so why not create something, don’t think about how big it’s going to be or if it takes off or not, as long as you enjoy the experience of what you’re doing that is all that matters.

We have one life (you’re going to hear the term ‘One Life’ often on this blog) why not make it fulfilling?

Live your best life so you can have a future that can inspire others and help them to step out and try. I know that not all of us are going to be world dominating and that is quite alright. That’s not the point of living. You want to dominate your world, yourself, your soul. As long as we’re on this planet, we should make it a priority to live life to the fullest and treat ourselves to the highest standard.

live life

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