The whole universe is depending on you.

The universe The whole universe is depending on you to be yourself.

Don’t belittle yourself to think that you’re not good enough. We don’t need another imitator, we don’t need more copycats. What we need is authenticity and realness. I feel that now more than ever it’s crucial to be real to who you are rather than jumping on a bandwagon of trends. Why do I need to learn the latest tic tok dance? If that’s your thing then, by all means, go for it but if it’s not… and you’re only doing it because you want to go viral, no guarantee btw, even if you do, awesome… now what? you keep doing more dances and you don’t even like dancing? This might be an unpopular thing to state but.. that seems a tad stressful.

To do something just so everyone and their grandma can look at you? you’ll hold their attention for 1 minute (at the most). I know there has to be more to life than being a slave to something that’s not passionate to you. When you’re showing up and talking or displaying things that matter to you, you don’t care how many likes and watch times are locked in. Your just glad to show your passions to the world.

I know that we all have to do things we don’t necessarily enjoy doing. We have to show ourselves more and more these days on social media, we have to talk more about ourselves (as an introvert… THAT SUCKS LOL) I don’t like talking much more talking about myself but it’s something we all have to do to get our business across (closed mouths don’t get fed) but on the flip side, Carcia and I love helping people. We love encouraging people. So it’s a small price to pay, plus… We are doing something we actually love doing: Helping people with their mindset and spirituality. So for us, it’s not a stress at all, it’s not a burden. We don’t feel weird because we are being authentic with our offering.

Don’t be afraid to be your unapologetic self. Don’t doubt being you. The only role you need to play in this movie called life is yours. So play that role and play it well. You already know the lines, and if you don’t improvise. My point is this; if you want to stand out? just be yourself and be yourself boldly.

the universe

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