There’s A Blessing In Not Getting What.


Not getting what you want is also a blessing. Sometimes it can be the best thing that ever happens in someone’s life.

Don’t feel bad when you don’t get what you want. It could be that you’re not ready yet, you haven’t tapped into the right product yet, or you haven’t spoken to the right person yet. Maybe you’re meant to do something else and you need to spend time figuring out what is for you.

Take it easy on yourself. Life is short but it’s also long, so don’t rush things, you are allowed to take your time, pray, make a list of pros and cons, meditate and talk to a third party who has your best interests at heart.

Sometimes the reason why you don’t get what you want could be that there is better for you. Something so grand that it seems unreal.

Take the proper steps to live inflow.

I know firsthand that it’s easier said than done. Our minds are always trying to figure out the ‘How ?’ but when we do that we’re trying to control the outcome instead of just letting the universe work in our favour.

That old saying “Let Go and Let God” is actually a thing…Crazy right?

Try to let go of your situation, breathe it out, sip on some tea, and meditate. These are a few of the things I do to calm my anxiety. Don’t hold it in your heart, it won’t fix anything. Just know that whatever is coming is greater than you could ever imagine.Blessings 2

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