Sometimes the only way to get through a negative time of emotion is to go through it… I wish there was a magical way or a short cut but sometimes (most times) the only way is to go head-on. There is no magical pill, no magical island, no magical person. It’s just you and your feelings.

You have to sit in the discomfort and sometimes for years. That’s the thing with situations, depending on how serious it is it could take a long time to finally be at peace and feel better. Healing is a process and for everyone, it looks different. I was in therapy for a good while before I could finally be alright with handling the discomfort. I knew that with the situation I was in, I was going to need support, yes I had my family’s support and I know that they love me unconditionally but sometimes it’s good to talk to someone who is not related to you. There is no history, they don’t know anything about your childhood or you’re past mistakes. Someone who has no clue as to what you’re going through and can give you an unbiased diagnosis.

Emotion is energy in motion. You have to allow it to move through – I know… “That’s not fun Carcia. What kind of help is this?” it’s the kind of help that will guide you through your healing process.

Spirituality & mindset work has a lot to do with realizing where you are, being aware of it and sitting in it… For a long time. Don’t rush the process, take it all in and let it go.

Get Through

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