Treating People Well.

Treating People Well.

Treating people well is so simple.

I may not be the best person when it comes to names but I always remember how a person makes me feel when I’m around them. Their smile, the timbre of their voice, the way how they pay attention to you when you speak.

You’ll be surprised at how a conversation, a compliment, your vulnerability can really touch a person and sometimes you gotta give a person time to warm up to you as well.

I know that there will always be individuals who are more likely to come across as … what’s the word… difficult to understand at first. We’re human; we are who we are. Most of us obviously won’t be so forthcoming to show our true colours but after a while, we warm up to a person and begin to show a little bit of realness. Just the same, some people just naturally close themselves off. It could be that they may have been hurt before or they just happen to be having a bad day, who knows. As we always say on our site: You can’t control them but you can control yourself.

It takes a lot of self-control to still treat someone well after they were pretty rude or out of line with you (believe me… I KNOW lol, remember? I use to work in the corporate world and in retail so I feel you) Honestly I can say, after doing a lot of mindful work on myself, somehow, I’ve come to see that even though people can be cruel, I still feel for them. Yea I know, it’s hard to understand but I do feel for them and leave them to be who they are. It’s like you have to put yourself in their shoes and realize that not everyone is going to be cupcakes and sprinkles. It can be hard to get your head around it but eventually… you become alright with how people are and you keep moving along with your life.

A person who’s rude to you can’t say you were rude or cruel back to them. Don’t get in a fight or waste your valuable energy on a senseless situation. You are higher than that. Just wish them well and walk away. Treat yourself like the king and queen you are and don’t waste your time getting into an argument with someone who happens to be having a bad day or they just having a bad attitude. Your goodwill and kindness will not go unseen, others around you will see that you are a genuine person and they will naturally draw closer to you.

Treating People Well.

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