Welcome to our Mindful Wellness Journey

We are so thrilled to be on this new venture and take you all along with us! We’ve always been in love with wellness and helping others.

So much has happened over the last 16-17 months. We were all forced to be still and face ourselves, to really evaluate what has happened in our lives and what could lie ahead. Clearly, no one was ready for the pandemic. Not mentally, physically, spiritually, financially…..any ‘ally’. Not being able to distract ourselves from elephants in the room really made the anxiety rise, but after shedding a lot of tears, learning from past mistakes, letting go of old situations and doing some severe self-evaluations in 2020; we made it out alright.

I’ll save you all the details on the nitty-gritty wellness journey but basically, after much-needed self-assessments, therapy, and breaking the chains that held us down from our true potential, we came out better than ever.

Every day is another day to share our insight on how to live a life with potential, peace, and with grace. The Bright Mindset Project is a wellness program and website to help you get started on living the life you deserve, living the life you are worthy of. We have programs designed to help you see what the root problems could be and we help you to reset and rebuild.

Check out all the programs we have available and check out our blog as we will update it quite often. We believe in the power of the mind, body and spirit. When the fog is lifted and all three work together as one, anything is possible.

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Stay Bright,

Stay Bright,

The HerCastle Girls.