What is Freedom?

Since Starting my mindset practice years ago, I learned that I thought my drive to be “different” made me better and more unique than everyone else.

I’m a Leo okay? Forgive me.

I just figured that I was free from the prison of my mind because I rebelled. Now, I think differently. The most creative and rebellious thing you can do is create discipline and intentional living in your life.

  • You think BEFORE you speak

  • You think before you lay down with a person… Or at least… you’re supposed to (yep, I’m going there)

  • You forgive when everyone else said you shouldn’t

  • You consider what you eat, what you watch, what you talk about (gossiping seems fun… but it ain’t good for you. I’ll save that for another time)

I’ll stop there. Imagine life with less drama and less toxic soul ties? You have all the power to avoid this, simply by living with intention and discipline. Ponder on this and let me know what you think.

Who doesn’t want to live a life with less stress, less fear, etc. I know that as long as we’re breathing air, we won’t completely lose these emotions but knowing that we can experience less of them is a great feeling to me.

What is Freedom

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Carcia HerCastle.