What’s your path?

I have a question for you…What’s your path?

We are diverse beings and the way we experience health and healing will be different.

My path to healthier mental health was through my spiritual well-being. I acknowledge myself and all humans as spiritual beings. Sure we have different spiritual beliefs, and at the core – I believe I’ve created a healthier life for myself by embracing this:




The first point, my peace. What is life if you can’t be at peace most times of the day? Yes we have and will face situations that will rock our soul and really make us question things but at the same time, even when going through these things there is a… peace within that really settles my mind, that brings my heart rate back to normal, i’m able to stay calm and think things through. These days if something costs my peace? I don’t want it.

Next, my connection. No matter what you believe, God, the universe, etc. Having a connection is comforting. It lets you know that you’re not alone. I can’t tell you how important this point is to me. I had some really dark days and if I did’t have a connection to my higher source? I would’t be here telling you how important it is to have a higher source.

Lastly, my purpose. Knowing what Telly and I are meant to do in this life. We’re meant to show this world that you can be spiritual and cool. It doesn’t have to be a practice that bores you. Make sure you have a purpose in life. Maybe your meant to be a teacher, a baker, an activist, a big brother or sister to a child, a mother or father, etc. We were all put here to find our purpose and you don’t have to find it in one day, make sure to take your time in finding what it is that your meant to do in this world.

What's your path?

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