Why It’s Important to Let Go

As human beings, we have a primary program built on how to value ourselves. We tend to count how many things we have, own, and possess. Is this a problem? Oh hell yeah. Let me explain further.

Humans are doing a lot of inner work now. People are meditating, doing Yoga, learning spiritual practices, and more, but is that really it? Is it only materialistic items that need to be cleared away so we can do our meditative routines?

When I work with clients, they are always so ready and enthusiastic to work on themselves. It inspires me every day. It’s all good until I say, “we are going to do some clearing on these emotions….”. I notice a few things. The client becomes quiet, the client becomes a bit distant and worries about what or how they will feel once the work is done. They have held on to some negative emotions for so long that living without them seems impossible.


I have a simple theory, truly based on science and logic, with no spiritual principles needed. If space or a vessel is full of old, huge stuff, it’s very difficult to plant newness in the space and expect it to grow to its full potential….because there is too much stuff. Now, think of the negative, stagnant emotions. If they aren’t cleared out, there is no space for your new mindset, your new beginnings and most importantly, there is no room for your new outcomes and desires to come through.

In order to live in flow, there must be SPACE for flow. The Minimalists have it right! While you clear out your living room, you should clear out your mindset of old emotions and limiting beliefs. Stabilizing your mindset prepares it for new habits that you want to inhabit. Another way to think about it is the Eat Clean lifestyle.

Hayes Inn

When a person is ready to change their daily diet, they usually do a detox first to prep their body for the change. Is it an easy process? Oh hell no! But, is it worth it? YES, because the new habits you want to instill will stick.

How do you plan on restarting and letting go? Here at Bright Mindset, we do a technique that is meant to clear old emotions that are tied to habits, and toxic strategies that stop people from extending and living in their authentic truth. To learn more about it, message me here. Thanks for reading and never forget about the importance of Letting Go.