Words & Actioins

There are many ways to really know a person but one of the best ways is by their words & actions. We express our truth all the time subconsciously. There’s a saying that goes: If you want to know the mind of someone, listen to their words. If you want to know their heart, watch their actions.

The people you associate with, how do they describe their friends and acquaintances? do they think before they speak? How do they respond to situations that arise, and how do they treat you?

Words & Actions

We can all do this for our homework assignment on words & actions today, a bit of observation, even towards ourselves. How do we speak? If someone had to give an introduction to a crowd about you what would you say? How do you treat yourself and others? Are you kind to yourself? Do you speak well of the people closest to you? Do you treat them the way you want to be treated?

The more we get to know ourselves and understand each other, the better it is for everyone. The best place to start (well, according to me anyway) is with yourself. Your actions to yourself are so important. Your thoughts about yourself, how you see yourself. The better you get to know yourself…I mean the real you, the better it is to look for signs in other people on how they treat themselves or how they’ll treat you. This is crucial, especially for romantic relationships, you want your partner to be a great match and you want to be a great match for them. There are so many broken relationships in the world because we choose to ignore the signs. We see that a person is not in the right place in life to be involved in a relationship but we feel we can change them and continue to hang on. We see that their actions are not up to par but we refuse to let go because… once again, we feel we can save them or help them.


I know that might seem hard to hear, especially if you’ve already developed deep relationships with that individual but it’s best for them and for you to let go. You letting go would probably propel them to want to change for the better. Either way, if they are meant to be in your life, they will make the changes for good and come back. If not, there is someone better for you that meets all the criteria you seek.

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