Your True ‘I AM’ Presence.

You are far grander and better than the world is telling you. You have so much to offer but due to society and man-made rules, you feel out of place or out of line if you decide to share your truth.

Part of programming is to keep you low and keep you down, to defer you from your purpose. Programming will make you feel forced to stay in the job you dislike, programming will make you feel you don’t deserve love or companionship because of a situation that happened in your life, it will make you feel like you are right to stay on a path that you were not actually created for.

This is what needs to be broken. We say this a lot around the HerCastle Girls HQ but “It’s a lot like the matrix”. We stay plugged into a system that was designed to basically make you live a life that you feel you have to live because somehow someone said that that’s the way to live. Even though you feel that this is the way for you to live, it’s not the be-all and end-all because you know that there is more to life. You know that there is something better than what you’re doing now.

You may struggle with who you are and what your mark might be in this life but the clues will become more clear when you begin to step into your true I AM presence. I AM Strong, I AM Brave, I Am: Amazing, I AM_____ (fill in the blanks with something positive)

Step into your I AM presence. You deserve to be in that space. Whatever the case may be: If you want a promotion at your job, go for it because you know you deserve it. If you want to get into politics, start researching how you can get involved in your community. Give yourself a chance to fully absorb your I AM presence.

I am presents.

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