Great one

I hope you don’t feel the comparison bug today.

I hope you feel proud of your accomplishments so far. I hope you’ve set time aside to celebrate yourself in the way you want to celebrate.

Remember to not compare yourself to a single photo or caption. You don’t know the whole story. The person you are looking at could have devoted themselves to their thing 7 years ago.

Why compare your beginning to someone’s established journey? You have to give yourself a chance to grow, experience things, bend and bounce back. Just because your journey doesn’t mirror someone else’s, doesn’t mean your journey isn’t valid.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media or subscribers or anything like that; you are living your life for yourself and that’s all that matters. Only compare you to your yesterday, see how you can be better than that.

Focus on your personal excellence. You’re doing great.

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Stay Bright,

Carcia HerCastle.