Coldplay ft. Rihanna In ‘Princess of China’

We would be lying if we said we were not anticipating the release of this video. As a matter of fact, from the moment we first heard that Coldplay and Rihanna would be working together on a track, we were hooked on the idea. After waiting for months (and getting a little tease at this years Grammy Awards back in February) we can finally say it was worth the wait! The Princess Of China music video is mash-up of both worlds.  Rihanna‘s video costumes are spectacular, showing rich colors and amazing drapery of Asian influence. The dramatic hair, the dangling earrings? Such fancy styling! Kudos to the costume department! Our favorite part of the music video? Chris Martin and RihRih get into a ninja fight, similar to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, but we place our bets on RiRi. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure below. What do you think?

Coldplay Ft. Rihanna “Princess of China

 Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

By Carcia & Telly