Is Pan Am done? (Nope)

Will Pan Am do what Playboy Club couldn’t?
Mad Men, as of now, seems to rule when it comes to Retro tv dramas.
A few years ago, the series Mad Men entered our lives and forever changed television. We would be belittling the power of Mad Men if we said the show had a cult following. Mad Men is a pop culture phenomenon. Once you catch the first three episodes of season 1 (on dvd like we did), you become hooked. Everything from your wardrobe to your choice of drink (Old Fashioned, thank you very much) will change to mirror the tastes of Mr. Don Draper, the complicated ad man who deals with his inner demons everyday. Not held down by a major network, Mad Men was free to do and show whatever suited the “reality” of the times it represented. Its no secret that this show was not destined for Golden Globe greatness, but the world of 1960’s corporate America won us over and we sit, eagerly awaiting season 5 next year.
So AMC has a confirmed hit on their hands. No-names like Jon Hamm are now being tracked down by TMZ and even Oprah has become obsessed with the show. Like any normal business, other networks figure they can “copy” the formula and develop more “1960s retro” tv dramas. Easier said then done. First we have the controversial Playboy Club. From the beginning we predicted this show would get canned. To prove it, we even watched the first episode and we weren’t impressed. The idea of this type of show on such a “public” network was not wise, and the first episode didn’t draw our curiosity to watch again. But now we bring in Pan Am. We liked this show and watched more then three episodes! ABC plans on airing another new episode, before the year is out and five episodes are confirmed for next year up to February.
Maybe Pan Am will do what Mad Men has done, but time will tell. Let’s remember, Mad Men wasn’t a hit in ratings its first season either and it took about two to three seasons for the show to become mainstream. Patience is key in this game.
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