MFL Music Review: Rihanna’s Talk That Talk

The cover of Talk That Talk, to be released Nov 22 2011
Remember the days when recording artists would work on one album for 3 years before they would release material? Well, things have changed. Rihanna, who’s still riding on the single, ‘Cheers (Drink to That)’ is set to release a new album next week, Talk That Talk. Workaholic-Rihanna will be touring until December 22 with LOUD, and you can bet two singles will be released from Talk That Talk before the LOUD tour is completed. Talk about multitasking! the albums and tours are overlapping!
Okay, but seriously, we were verra interested to hear the album and see how it differs from LOUD. Talk That Talk is a bit of a level up from LOUD, meaning, the influence of dance/euro pop and Caribbean music is even more evident then her previous work.
The Deluxe edition cover art work of Talk That Talk
The first single, We Found Love, is not only catchy, but melodious and perfect for radio. Its a stand out track. Having an aggressive Chris Brown look-a-like in the music video only helped with marketing, making this song popular before it was even officially released. Second fav of ours would be Where Have You Been, a heavy club track that will get people moving. Third fav would be Drunk On Love! A great vocal performance by Rihanna, lots of power and emotion on an awesome feel good track that we’ll all be singing to. Another strong track would be Farewell. Its an anthem that, we predict, will be a single, without a doubt. Its pretty, a song for any top 40 music lover. Overall the album has its ups and downs. Some tracks sound Beyonce-esque, but some tracks take you back to Rihanna before she was a fashion icon with that hit single Umbrella. Don’t expect inspiration to change the world from listening to this album, but just expect to dance and be entertained and you won’t be disappointed. 

Check out We Found Love right here!

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