Musically Crushing: Beck ‘Dreams’

Beck, folk singers, rock, rock music, beck hansen, grammy winners, black hat, sunglasses

Name: Beck (@beck)

Origin: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Song we’re crushing on: Dreams

Why should you care:  Ahh Summer, the time of year where you hear cool psychedelic melodic songs; which is one of Beck’s specialties. He’s no stranger to the industry, he’s only been doing his craft since 1992-93 and so far, so good. Beck is one of those rock stars who appeal to an acquired audience.  Beck is not on the radar or in the mainstream and to be honest, that is one of the reasons why we like him, you only hear from him when he has something to say. Since his latest work ‘Morning Phase‘ (which garnered 3 Grammy Awards) Beck has decided to give a little bit of a tease for his upcoming album which has no name or release date as of yet. The single is called ‘Dreams’.  Its definitely a’ feel good’ song, very slick. It’s the opposite of his alternative rock/anti-folk rock sound and it is probably the heaviest pop sound I’ve ever heard from Beck. When Carcia told me to have a listen, she told me it was not going to be the sound you’re use to hearing from him.  Beck’s voice blends so nicely with the synthesizers, its a great mash up of disco funk and stadium rock with a twist of  electronica. Yes, it sounds like I’m describing a cocktail but its the truth. The bridge goes into a very interesting hallucinate type of feeling, but it totally goes with the structure of the song. Beck has come a long way since his single from back in the day, ‘Loser‘ which was very grunge infused. As for ‘Dreams‘ have a listen! You will probably want to add to your “songs of the summer” playlist.

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Beck, folk singers, rock, rock music, grammy winners, guitar, microphone, studio, sweater, headphones

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