Musically Crushing: David Bowie’s ‘The Next Day’

David Robert Jones, Ziggy StardustThe Thin White Duke; Simply, the megastar known as David Bowie.

We are HUGE fans of the shock rocker;  its been a decade since he has released any new music so you could imagine our joy to learn (via his website) that he would be coming back to the music scene with new original songs, all which can be heard on the album The Next Day.  The single Where Are We Now, has a lovely relaxing vibe. It’s the sound of a man revisiting the city where he wrote several of his most acclaimed albums. A somber Bowie singing about places he used to go in Berlin in the 1970’s,  about the epiphany of awareness. The video for the song showcases his creativity. Lets just say he’s the only one that could pull it off ; he sings the song with his face on a doll’s head, and we still liked the video.  Other songs we really love off the album is Valentine’s Day, (You Will) Set The World On Fire, and the crazy cool If You Can See Me which sounds like it should of been on his 1997 album Earthling. The track is High energy with a great beat. Perfect for a rave!

His voice has matured a tad, but as you listen, in some moments of the album, he reverts right back to that 1970’s signature voice we all love him for. He’s always had a distinct sound, which is rare, seeing that a lot of artists today tend to sound the same.  The album showcases beautiful music and great songwriting. David Bowie has put together a great album, hopefully he will consider touring, we feel it would be quite the show.

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 Reviewed By Chantel Telly Campbell

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