Musically Crushing: Serge and Jane

Names: Serge Gainsbourg (2 April 1928 – 2 March 1991) & Jane Mallory Birkin (born 14 December 1946)

Why Should You Care: In the groovy 1970s Serge and Jane were the IT couple, before Brad and Angelina where the talk of the town. Serge was a French singer, songwriter, poet, composer, artist, actor and director. Jane was a English singer and actress who influenced french music and Fashion. Have you heard of the Birkin Bag? She was inspiration. In 1981, Jane dropped her usual straw bag while on a plane. He belongings were all over the floor and it was then that Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas had a chat with Jane about not being able to find larger leather carry on, so the bag was created and named after its inspiration. Serge and Jane met on the set of the French film, Slogan where they sang the iconic song, “Je t’aime… moi non plus” (“I love you… me neither”) regardless of the fact that Jane didn’t speak French. From that point on they became the couple to watch! Their personal style and editorials were always on point as you will see below. The couple had two children, then broke up. It wasn’t surprising to see the couple dressed in the same suits or colors. They had a good run.

Why We Love: It was the image of these two that got us asking, “Who are these guys?” With some research we found out about the art projects, music and albums. Now, we’re somewhat hooked.

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