Musically Crushing: Thirty Seconds To Mars @ The Air Canada Centre

Name: Thirty Seconds To Mars
(aka: 30STM)

(Jared Leto: Lead Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter. Shannon Leto:  Drummer. Tomo Miličević: guitarist)

Associated Acts: Angels & Airwaves, Great Northern, The Wondergirls

Profession: Alternative Rock Band

Origin: Los Angeles, California, United States

Song we’re crushing on: Do Or Die, Kings & Queens, Up In the Air, Conquistador & Closer to the Edge

Why should you care: Okay lets put the obvious to bed; we know that Jared Leto won the Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, we know he is a critically acclaimed actor in television and film, the man wears many hats and somehow manages to wear them all at one time being an actor, musician, artist and business man; Great! Now that we got that out of the way lets talk about his music career with his Big Bro Shannon and good ol’ Tomo. We had the privilege to attend the Carnivorous Tour (consisting of Afi, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park)  Sunday, August 24th and was it a Show!  People were already up on there feet and ready to go crazy before their intro track properly started. Tomo and Shannon came out in the darkness and headed to their positions. The leader, Mr. Leto, came decked out in his infamous D&G Crown and his lovely decorated Lab coat (the purple robe did not make a cameo).

On with the Show! From beginning to end, the band was pumped, full of energy. There were balloons, confetti and more confetti; We felt like we were at a wild birthday party. There were a lot of highlights but I have to keep this as short as possible so we’ll just mention 3.

Highlight #1  of the night was during the performance of  ‘Kings & Queens’. Jared ran off the stage and went out to the cheering crowed, walking through the rows of the ACC and conducting the audience as we all broke out into singing the hook from the song, it was like we were part of a large mass choir and it sounded incredible. Highlight #2 was the acoustic set. Jared set up shop to sing “Alibi”, “From Yesterday” & “The Kill” right smack in the middle of the general standing area on the grounds, once again encouraging the audience to sing a long (and of course they did) and once in a while asking if every one was alright. Highlight #3, when Jared was about to sing Do Or Die he held up the Canadian flag and the stadium went nuts; proud Canadians once again sang along, another impressive note is that He can really work that flag, spinning it around along with himself, actually Jared spun so much through out the night we were surprised he was still able to stand. Overall their part of the concert was awesome, lots of life, not a single dull moment, entertaining musically and visually. Check them out live but be warned, if your not participating in the fun, Jared will Call you out (and it’s quite funny)

Enjoy a few pics we took  at the show and from others who were also in attendance

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We got the chance to meet the band before and after the show. They are super nice and very funny, great guys!
We got the chance to meet the band before and after the show. They are super nice & very funny!

balloons and confetti

City of Angels

Balloons 1

Do or die 7

photo credit instagrammer Deb_on_mars
at every show they take a crazy selfie with the audience. This was the selfie taken at the ACC.

tumblr_naul780SGn1qjel74o1_1280 30 SECONDS TO MARS AUGUST 24TH 2014

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