Musically Crushing: Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Walk the moon live in concert

Name: Walk The Moon  (@WALKTHEMOONband)
(aka: WALK THE MOON in all capital letters)

(Nicholas Petricca: Lead Vocals, Keys, Synthesizer/ Kevin Ray: Bass, Vocals, Casual Rainstick, (guitar for acoustic sets)/ Sean Waugaman: Drums, Vocal/ Eli Maiman: Guitar, Vocals)

Profession: Rock, Pop, New Wave Band (RCA Records)

Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Song we’re crushing on: Shut up and Dance

Why should you care:   Their track Shut Up and Dance is contagious. Earlier last  week at around 4 am in the morning, Carcia and I were on route to a styling gig and this song came on; let’s just say it turned our tired frowns upside down. It’s fun, fresh, happy and has a good message. Shut up and dance (Whenever I have an issue or feel stressed, that is exactly what I do)! The new wave track does not ease off from the synthesizer s at all. The video for the song is just as cheerful as the song its self. It’s kind of crazy with all the 80’s references but hey, its a music video right? Bright colors, lots of dancing, big smiles and you can see for yourself here. Have a listen and prepare to shut up and dance.


Walk The Moon




Stilettos & Rock n Roll,

Carcia & Telly

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