singer songwriter, canadian music, andrew allen, bruno mars, john mayer, the grammys

Quick 5 with Singer-Songwriter Andrew Allen

singer songwriter, canadian music, andrew allen, bruno mars, john mayer, the grammys

Andrew Allen is a charismatic, singer-songwriter from British Columbia who has scored 3 Top 10 Hits (I Wanna Be Your Christmas, I Want You and his biggest single Loving You Tonight) and has shared the stage with acts like Bruno Mars, Train, One Republic, Andy Grammer, and The Barenaked Ladies. Although Allen will be on the road this summer, he took time to answer our Summer questions! See who would sit in the passenger seat during a road trip. He made a great choice.

It’s finally Summer! What are your favorite Summer activities?

Woohoo! I’d say my favorite things to do in the summer besides outdoor concerts, are beach days with friends, stand up paddle-boarding, and camping. Camping is my favorite.

If you could jump into a Winnebago for a road trip where would you head? And whom would you bring as your navigator?

I’d go to the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been there, and I think it’d be a super fun journey. I’d probably go the long way, all the way through California, down the Oregon Coast, and end up at the Grand Canyon. I think if John Mayer was the navigator, that’d be pretty amazing. I feel like he’d have a lot of really great stories.

Summer is usually the most happening / busy time for musicians. What live performances / appearances are you gearing up for this Summer?

Yeah, it’s definitely busy! I’m doing a really fun outdoor festival in Toronto on July 9th at Dundas Square I’m stoked about, a few wineries out West, all fun shows and, of course, a few dozen house concerts, ‘cause they’re my favorite.

When you think of a “Song of The Summer” from previous years by another artist, which one do you recall as your “Song Of The Summer” and why?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. I think one that I remember real solidly was Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters. I have no idea if that was even a song of the summer, but it was mine!

While on the road, you meet a lot of new supporters and fans. When they ask you to describe your music, what do you say?

I say it’s singer/songwriter pop thing. Kind of like if John Mayer,Maroon 5 and Bob Marley had a musical baby.

andrew allen, canadian singer, canadian music

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