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Mistique from Saint-Tropez, France asks: Now that summer is here what can I do to prepare my hair for the hot weather and days at the pool and beaches?

Before swimming dampen your hair and coat it with a bit of conditioner. This helps to avoid pesky knots in your hair, keeps it smooth and avoids breakage from sun, salt and chlorine. Style tip: After applying conditioner, follow with a braid or top knot to keep the look chic and your hair in it’s best condition.


Jaquie from Barrie, Ontario, Canada asks: Having an outdoor job this summer means I’m in the sun all day long. Even when wearing sunscreen it is hard to avoid redness and slight sunburn on my face. What can I do to tone it down?

I was just introduced to an amazing product that is now a staple n my professional and personal kit, Redness Relief by Glominerals. This product is a loose powder that soothes skin with honeysuckle, zinc oxide, and licorice. It acts as a therapeutic anti-inflammatory which helps to take down redness and neutralize the skins surface. A must have in anyone’s summer beauty kit!
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