Cheers to Two Oceans Wine, Sauvignon Blanc

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For the next two weeks, you will be enjoying the best of beverages! Hot Chocolate and Spirits. We recently enjoyed a bottle of Two Oceans,¬†Sauvignon Blanc, a South African wine with a crisp, fresh taste. As you may know from reading our Beverage Reviews, we adore white wines. This wine has a tropical, fruity taste with Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This wine is a favorite in 80 countries and now, it’s a favorite in our home. We paired the wine with pasta, which just brought out the taste even more! This wine is also great for entertaining as it is a sipping wine.

Two Oceans, Sauvignon Blanc is sold in bottles with biodegradable labels.


Pair it with grilled seafood, bouillabaisse, pasta and poultry dishes.

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