Get Fit: CrossFit Toronto

We break for Tire Flippers. Taking a drive down Logan Avenue, we are amazed at these guys, literally flipping huge, gigantic tires like Olympians. These guys, I would think, are the ultra- advanced members of Crossfit Toronto. Upon entry of Crossfit Toronto, located in the Leslieville neighbourhood, you feel like you’ve entered the den of training and focus. Its nothing fancy, no distractions or features to steer you off the tracks. Don’t expect thousands of treadmills and fancy tables with lush towels and flowers either. Crossfit is about getting fit and getting it done right, plain and simple.

Today, we met with the gym’s main man, the Co-founder John Vivian who made the life change to get healthy after a weekend at the cottage. He lost 40 pounds from running and cardio exercises, but he was as weak as a rat. After studying various work out options to become stronger, John decided Crossfit was for him. He quit his corporate job, went to California to become a certified Crossfit trainer and opened up a Crossfit branch in the city of Toronto. Looking at John’s fitness resume (Filipino Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor to name a few) you would think he’d start yelling (coaching) at you before you put your sports bag down, but the truth is he offered us coffee (with sugar) as soon as we walked in.

What a day for us to visit. Members are training for the Crossfit Competition and the majority of the participants? 30 to 40 years old. Men and women are literally lifting hundreds of pounds right over their heads, while the others watching cheer them on. John points out one man in his 50s who now lifts 250 pounds, does pull-ups so effortlessly that you would think its easy. Age and gender do not limit Crossfit members, that is for sure. We watch as teens go through a fun, energy packed workout filled with tumbling and light cardio. This group happen to be sisters who take each challenge with no fear. Overall, we see why people devout time to this facility. The mature crowd of men and women mix very well together like good friends. The confusion of complicated machines is diminished and trainers are present and interested in your fitness. A gym that promotes strength over weight should be promoted. If you make yourself strong, you’ll feel great and eventually, without trying, you’ll look great too. Thin and weak is NOT attractive. Check out our images from our day at Crossfit Toronto!

Written By Carcia Campbell

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